19 Reasons Why You Should Buy Vintage Jewelry

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1. Vintage jewelry is unique - both in its individual story and design. It's unlikely you'll see someone else wearing the same thing. 


2. It's easy to appreciate the attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship of vintage jewelry. Glass rhinestones have weight, metal work is intricate, and even faux pearls have a creamier luster. 


3. Vintage can definitely be considered sustainable and eco-friendly. Since vintage jewels were made long ago but are still being used now, we can enjoy them without adding more stuff to the planet. 



4. There's value in owning something from the past that has been taken care of until today. If people have been taking care of a piece of jewelry for so long, then there's something worthy about it.



5. This leads to the idea that if your vintage jewelry has come from decades past, there's no reason to assume that they won't continue holding their value in the future. 



6. For the above reasons, you definitely get your money's worth. Would you rather spend $42 dollars on a rich gold dipped, vintage enamel ring that has history or a lightweight, hollow metal necklace studded with synthetic turquoise that is being sold in the masses?

7. So, not only can vintage jewelry be a fashion statement, but it can also be worn as a statement against modern consumerism i.e. fast jewelry and all that clutter. 

8. Vintage is, for the most part, sold by individual vendors. This means two things: 1) a lot of care is put into its preservation and 2) mass packaging/shipment processes that raise prices (and, if done wrong, can severely impact the environment) aren't necessary.


9. It's also nice to own something authentic. Authenticity comes in many forms, and for vintage it's about the craft -  there's nothing fast or factory or fake about it. 

10. When it comes to donning true classics, there's nothing more tried and true than vintage jewelry. 

11. Every piece of vintage jewelry is also a little emblem or relic of history. Each vintage jewel has its own unique history - from designer to maker to owner.  Vintage jewelry are the best story jewels. 


12. Who knows - maybe a famous person once wore that pair of vintage earrings you recently bought. 

13. Which leads to... vintage jewels are great conversation starters. Whether your vintage jewels were once adorned by a Hollywood starlet or not, the very uniqueness of the jewelry prompts questions and comments. 

14. Vintage jewelry allows you to get a taste of couture fashion houses when they first started. It's interesting to own jewelry by the big houses such as YSL, Chanel, and Givenchy and to get a sense of what was driving fashion back in the day. 

15. Today, vintage jewelry is hot hot hot. Vintage jewelry has never been sought after as it is now, and the rise of vintage as the new cool is making it easier to spot vintage jewels on the street and in outfit styling how-to's, prompting many one-of-a-kind ideas.  


16. Vintage jewels are also taking over photoshoots. Editorial spreads in magazines are peppered with vintage baubles. 

17. And the red carpet. Like the vintage Cartier necklace Dakota Johnson rocked at the Oscars this year. 

18. Because of all the above reasons, vintage jewelry also make greats gifts. Think of it as jewelry that can be personalized without engraving and long wait times. 


19. Last but not least, vintage jewelry really allows you to be you. There are no hard and fast rules about how to rock vintage jewels, and that's essentially the core of the vintage movement. In an era where we have so many decisions to make and so many things to (seemingly) conform to, the heirloom-sense and uniqueness of wearing jewelry from the past can be a breath of fresh air. 

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