How To Wear Vintage Jewelry Every Day (Without Feeling Over-The-Top)

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A friend visited our studio this week in downtown LA (New Mermaid just moved!) and, being procrastinators, we still had piles of vintage jewels yet to be sorted into their destinations a.k.a. clip-back, post-back, color, etc. Vintage earrings, necklaces, and brooches were all just laying around in white trays, and this jewel-loving friend naturally started going through them like candy. 

Our friend is a minimalist when it comes to jewelry (think: layers of tiny gold pendants on chains and stackable bar rings) and we're like, "Oh, what a perfect canvas to throw on some big vintage earrings!" but she was like, "But then I'll have to dress up!"

She was wearing a white blouse and high waisted blue jeans. Which is pretty much how we dress. So, we thought it appropriate this week to introduce the philosophy we live by: "casual glam" a.k.a. vintage jewels and denim a.k.a. glitz and glam all day every day.

A lot of people associate vintage jewels - especially the large statement makers studded  with rhinestones and plated with gold - with ballgowns. Which is totally okay. But, we like juxtaposition and we're thinking more along the lines of glam vintage jewels with tees and, if we're gonna go there, ballgowns with denim jackets. Yes, besides vintage jewelry, we also worship the good, never-go-wrong classic pieces in our wardrobe such as our beloved denim and anoraks and tees. We absolutely believe in wearing vintage jewelry everyday no matter how big or small the bauble, and below we've teamed up statement making vintage jewels with easy, everyday looks that aren't over-the-top and will keep you feeling like, well, you. 

Ear Candy
Go big or go home. Pair statement-making vintage earrings with high waisted mom jeans, a denim skirt, or overalls. Add an eye-catching bauble to a denim off shoulder top or your favorite pullover/hoodie. You can't go wrong adding little pops of glitz to the classics.

Pink Crystal Kale from SS17 Part I

Silver Daisy from SS17 Part I

Crystal Moon Pearl from SS17 Part I

Magnifique Earrings

Pin Candy
On denim jackets or, even better, jeans. Attach a rhinestone brooch to hats and baseball caps. Arrange a cascade of vintage pins on a chambray shirt. With the pin and brooch trend, everyone's moved away from that purely on-the-lapel look. 

Vintage Pieces from the Brooch Collection

Vintage Pieces from the Brooch Collection

Crystal Brooch from SS17 Part II Coming Soon. 

Neck Candy
Layer glitzy chokers and decadent pendants with anoraks and white tees. Pair statement vintage pieces with your other jewels - minimal and subtle strands like dainty chains and cloth chokers to bring layering to the next level. 

 Vintage Choker from SS17 Part II Coming Soon. Shop current chokers and necklaces here. 

Vintage Cleopatra Collar from SS17 Part II Coming Soon. Shop current chokers and necklaces here. 

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