Happy First Birthday! - our thank you letter to you

Posted by New Mermaid on

Dear Fellow Vintage Lover, 

New Mermaid is one year old today!

Thank you for following us on this journey. We went from a minimal aesthetic with a lot of negative space to fun dessert decadence with fabulous statement jewels. We'll always maintain that pop of whimsy. 

We began with hot pink and mint earring cards, and transitioned to heavy white cards with gold foil stamp, hand made by a independent press. We still have our original pink box with the pearl top, but now offer candy mylar packaging, too. We're a small brand, but we like what we do and, meanwhile, we're keeping to our authentic selves. We bought some birthday cake macarons from Bottega Louie (yes, we moved to Downtown LA this year, too!) because, why not? 

In the last year, we've come up with a few hashtags: #VintageEarringClub #BigGirlCandyShop and our favorite slogan "Thrill without the cheap." 

Thank you for your support - sharing the love of vintage jewels with you through the New Mermaid portal is what makes sleepless nights, tons of research, hunting and bargaining, and generally the terror of chasing the unknown so, so worth it. Thanks for believing in our big girl candy indulgence, and thanks for letting us be the new mermaid on the block.  

We hope you continue following us on our online journey to breathe life into old vintage jewels. We know there will always be a home for these vintage relics. And we hope we'll continue spreading the fun together. 

Thank you for sharing our first birthday with us!

xx Lots of Love,

New Mermaid