The "New" New Mermaid - a little bit about what to expect

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Hi, we’re back. And we’re different!

Who We Are - Our New Focus

If you’ve followed the birth of New Mermaid in May 2016 with classic gems and its evolution to now statement making baubles - thank you, we hope you like what you see! If you’re new, hi and welcome! New Mermaid’s aesthetic is fun - that “thrill without the cheap.” This means that we’re all about dressing up and dripping in jewels, but we definitely believe in quality and uniqueness and that’s why we sell vintage. Cause one-of-a-kind.

Then, we realized we love earrings. They’re the new lipstick - that get-out-of-bed-and-get-out-the-door outfit pick-me-up. Also, for anyone out there who’s just starting to dip their toes into the vintage jewel game, earrings are a great place to start: they’re easy, they make a serious statement, and there are two of each! Don’t worry, we’re still going to sell some amazing other jewels - just in moderation. Like candy.

We also love the thrill of finding vintage. There’s nothing more exciting than glimpsing glittering jewels amongst flea market wreckage, or noticing beautiful designer items tucked away in a dusty box at an estate sale. The thrill of the discovery is fun, but the hunt - sometimes not so much. We’re always dealing with a lot of dirt and grime and dust, not to mention super early mornings and even potential trickery. Seriously. So we’ve taken that hassle out of the vintage jewel game for you.

Our New Packaging

But our number one concern for the past year was that besides the thrill of wearing awesome vintage, the thrill of the uncovering was, well, gone. We’ve made it super easy to buy vintage jewelry online, but did we also eliminate the thrill of discovery?

So we thought, “Pinatas.” Our new packaging embraces innocent decadence, candy, this total spillage of confetti and jewels and sequins. When you tear open the mylar candy bag - this hybrid of candy wrapper and party balloon - and are met with earrings and a vintage certificate all packaged like candy, it’s so pinata-esque. And then when you tear open the wrapper containing your earrings, you’re totally launched into this psychology of a party: you’re picking the confetti and dusting the glitter off your new treasure. Our new packaging really creates this sense of discovery, putting you in this space of anticipation and joy.

Our New Website

Yes, we love jewels and glitter and color but we also believe in balance, so we want to make the confetti and mylar and all the bits and pieces approachable. We think the first step is to design a website that is clean and fairly designer, that serves as a stable base for all of the decadence. We want our thrill to be without the cheap, remember? So we still believe in high-end presentation.

Our New Blog

So much inspiration goes on behind the scenes at New Mermaid. We thought that with the new year and the move to a new office, well, it was time to share a little bit of the magic. We don’t only turn to jewelry design for our aspirations, so expect drink recipes, bubble bath concoctions, art and design blurbs, wellness how-to’s, and even paper doll cut-outs and horoscopes in our Mermaid Magazine. Not only do we promise good information, but also beautiful visuals. A picture says a thousand words.

Thank you so much for joining us in our vintage journey - we are only working on more and better things to come.

New Mermaid