Rosé Bear Bubble Bath Champagne [RECIPE]

Posted by New Mermaid on

Rejoice! It's the weekend, and there's nothing better than winding down and spending some quality time with a bestie. We're dying for a drink, but we want to stay home. And no, simply pouring alcohol into a glass just won't do. We're sharing our go-to for easy but cute indulgence: Rosé Bear Bubble Bath Champagne - for two (vintage earrings included)!

You will need:
2 cups of gummy bears
2 rose lollipops
1 bottle of rosé champagne
2 wine glasses or tall drinking glasses

1. Fill each wine glass with about 1 cup of gummy bears.
2. Pop that rosé and pour bubbly over the bears so that there’s about an inch of champagne over the tippy toppest bear. Bubble bath time for our gummy friends. 
3. Cover remaining champagne in bottle and put this and the glasses in the fridge and chill for 3-4 hours. Anticipate bears plump with champagne.
4. Remove from fridge. Bears will have soaked up the rosé. Pour in more chilled bubbly to make your wine glass a drink and not just a bunch of soggy drunk bears. 
5. Garnish with two rose sugar pops.
6. Sip with friend - wearing vintage jewels are a plus!