NEW MERMAID is an online destination for collectible vintage jewels. We love innocent, nostalgic decadence (treasure!) and we appreciate one-of-a-kind jewelry on our vanities. We love dressing up, but we believe in quality. The “thrill without the cheap.” That’s why we collect vintage.

We’ve taken the hassle out of shopping for vintage (i.e. dusty basements, flea market digging, potential fool’s gold), but we’ve kept the thrill of the hunt alive with our anticipation-filled packaging - a cross between a candy wrapper and mylar balloon that opens up to a spillage of confetti and sequins and jewels.

We’ve also founded the Vintage Earring Club. Vintage earrings are the new lipstick and they’re kinda our focus now. When you buy a pair of vintage earrings from NEW MERMAID, you’ll receive a dated certificate of authenticity, welcoming you to the Club.

We do sell other types of jewels - delicious necklaces and brooches and other little trinkets we find along the way. Just in moderation - like candy.