Vintage Jewelry Care


We search far and wide for vintage jewels that meet our standards. Vintage is pre-loved, and that's what makes every piece so truly unique. Small signs of pre-ownership should be marveled at and embraced! All of our jewelry meets the industry standard of being in excellent condition (minor signs of wear), and obvious blemishes will be specially noted in the item's description. 

All jewelry is professionally cleaned either by an ultrasonic cleaner or by hand, using soft water and appropriate cleaning agents. 

Any restorations or fix-ups will be specially noted in the item's description. We encourage all vintage items to remain as found (yes!) in order to preserve their history and authenticity, but some clip-back earrings can be restored to post-back and vice versa. Please contact us at for such inquiries.

Our vintage jewelry spans many eras, styles, and designers. We rely on our knowledge of fashion and jewelry history to date and describe pieces. For specific questions, please contact us at


Vintage jewelry is at least 20 years old. All our gems are of high quality, with great rhinestones, crystals, and faux pearls. Many signed pieces are triple gold plated. Nevertheless, take good care of your vintage jewelry. Keep all your vintage jewels away from water (water isn't the enemy but the metals in the water are), oils, and chemicals. Refrain from having your jewelry come into contact with hard surfaces. To preserve your vintage jewelry's longevity, we recommend storing them in closed containers when they're not being worn.